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How to make people care about the core crypto values

As the memecoin mania and bull run have taken hold, many people highlighted the importance of core crypto values.

We often discuss phrases such as censorship-resistant, decentralized, or immutable. But, for the average Joe, these ideas resonate differently:

  • When they hear censorship-resistant, they think of hiding Nazis and child porn.

  • When they hear decentralization, they think of a chaotic college group project.

  • When they hear immutable, they think of the stress in a world where "CTRL+Z" doesn't work.

So, how could we prepare for the "next billion users" and make core crypto values more appealing to the general population?

Let's embark on a 10-minute journey through the realms of crypto, marketing, and psychology to find out how we can make the core crypto values more sexy.

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