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If you are building in web3, the chances are you looked for answers such as: "How someone solved it before?", "How to acquire first users?" or "How to solve this technical dilemma?" The problem is that since web3 is so fresh, there aren't as many case studies as in web2.

That's why I created a new project called goldmine3 where you can learn how founders of projects such as ZORA, Zapper, or Gnosis built their MVPs, developed products, or acquired first users.

You can even ask AI a question:

How does it work?

I went through conversations with top web3 founders and timestamped their most interesting nuggets of wisdom. Then organized these nuggets into categories such as MVP, User Acquisition, or Hiring. And condensed them into short stories.

Here's one from Seb Audet, Co-Founder @ Zapper


The stories include timestamped links, so if you’d like to learn more context about the story, you have an easy way to do it. You just click the link and get directed to the part of the podcast that includes this particular story.

In v1, these lessons come from a few Web3 Talks interviews with founders such as Seb Audet (Zapper), Stefan George (Gnosis), Dee Goens (ZORA), Julien Genestoux (Unlock Protocol), and Madhavan Malolan (Questbook)

But in the future, I want this repo to include timestamped stories from other podcasts, talks, and interviews.

So if you’d like to check the project out, go to

And if you’d like to support it, I created a fundraising NFT that you can mint for a few bucks.

PS: And if you’d like to support Web3 Talks, you can do it via Gitcoin GR18 Grant, which ends in 19 hours!

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